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Rurality Newsletter 002
June 15, 2013

Summer seems to be here with bells on, and it's warmed up nicely in the past few days; time to get going with some hypertufa and do the videos to share with you on the Rustic Crafts E-Course. Although it's a steep learning curve, I'm having a lot of fun putting together the course,

Salvaged art is one of my favorite ways to decorate my garden; whether I make an armilary sphere out of the rings from an old oak barrel, or combine odd bits into a Mason Bee house, there is always some kind of innovative ways to create garden decorations.

If it's been a wet spring where you are, make it a bit more enjoyable with some charming rain chains to brighten up your rainwater harvesting system. Rain water is the softest water, perfect for watering delicate succulent plants because it doesn't contain any minerals or impurities.

Next time we talk, I expect to have more exciting projects for you. If you have anything you need help with, ask the Artisan.

Visit me in the holler anytime!

Drop by Blue Fox Farm - I love having company.

Jacki Cammidge, The Woman of Many Sticks

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