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Rurality Newsletter 004
September 01, 2013

Work on the Rustic Paint Techniques E-Book is carrying on - there's lots of projects that have to be created for me to photograph so they can be included in the book - it's hard to decide which ones will be most interesting for you, so I'm including them all. Watch for the announcement soon!

The fall always seems to be a good time to do some hypertufa; I had a brainstorm the other day, and the result was some very cute little Hypertufa Thumb Pots - planted with a tiny Sempervivum or two, or a few other interesting succulents, or even moss, these would be a welcome gift as a wedding favor.

With the waning of summer, the end of heat and drought is a welcome relief. With renewed vigor and enthusiasm, I'm bound to have lots more great little projects to share with you soon.

Til then, see you at the farm - Blue Fox Farm

Jacki Cammidge, The Woman of Many Sticks

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