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Rurality Newsletter 005
November 19, 2013

If you live a rural and rustic lifestyle (or wish you did) then you most likely decorate your home with some rustic country decor like this Rustic Garden Wreath. Easy to make, with some collected natural supplies found in your garden or on a country walk, they add primitive flair, rustic character and charm.

When the weather is getting worse, and cold is in the forecast, you need some way of cheering yourself up and taking your mind off the long winter ahead - I find that making a craft or two to decorate my surroundings really helps. Especially when you're living in a construction zone - yes, it's true - Pearls Place is finally a reality.

Having a cozy place to snuggle up into is a real treat; I'm dreaming of decorating and using some of my bits and pieces that have been salvaged from garage sales and fabric from the thrift store to make into curtains like this red and rustic collection. I can just imagine what I'm going to get up to in the next few months...

Til then, see you at the farm - Blue Fox Farm

Jacki Cammidge, The Woman of Many Sticks

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