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Rurality Newsletter 009
March 28, 2014

Spring seems to be on the way, but now we're in mud season. I spent some time in the greenhouse doing some seeding for early vegetables, but then got side tracked into painting some rustic garden signs; the funny sayings have been collected and added to over the past few years; the list is getting longer all the time. Do you have one to add?

The Eggporeum has been written about in New American Homesteader magazine. If you get a chance, pick up your copy.

I like to look at the mandalas drawn by my Mum, and think of ways to use them in crafts. They are fascinating and mesmerizing.

The Junk Garden is finally emerging from under the snow - it desperately needs a new look, and some tweaking. I can't wait to get at it, and add some new and exciting bits of rustic salvage and garden art to the displays. I'll also be working on a new garden. Wait for it!

Til then, see you at the farm - Blue Fox Farm

Jacki Cammidge, The Woman of Many Sticks

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