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Rurality Newsletter 011
June 08, 2014

Decorating in a country style is a lot of fun. Rustic country decor is happening at my house, especially when someone comes to stay for a bit. The upcycled day bed, dressed for guests is welcoming comfort.

Other crafts that are making the rounds lately are rag rugs, knitted from strips cut from pre-loved t-shirts. You can choose from a wide array of colors, specially chosen to enhance your room decor.

Cutting T-Shirts into strips, the easy way

Bird Strikes

Birds are too concerned about their mating rituals and forget to look where they're going. The leading cause of death of migratory songbirds is window strikes, so make it more obvious where there is a window with a hawk silhouette;

See more about bird strikes and how to prevent them here.

Gotta go, farm chores are waiting - see you next time!

Jacki Cammidge, The Woman of Many Sticks

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