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Rurality Issue #21

July 2015

Junking?  Thrift store shopping?  Auctions and estate sale?  Garage or yard sale?  These are the things that pique my interest.  How about you?  My mind just starts imagining how to use all those great finds.

Rurality Issue #21 July 2015

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one.  This is contagious, and the more I show people what I've been up to the more creative they get.

Now this is recycling and upcycling.  Someone ditched the oil can in the bush after servicing their machine, but I spotted it and brought it home, and gave it a new lease on life.

Running out of ideas on where to find supplies to make rustic garden art?  Don't forget the dollar store.

When it's hot, there will be bugs.  The cluster flies and other annoying insects hatch out in droves.  What to do?

I'm so glad you could stop in and check out some of my fun projects.  What will I get up to next?  

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