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Rustic Stars

DIY Christmas Ornament

Every year, my friend Stephanie orders sixty ornaments to give as an appreciation gift for her clients.  What a nice idea!

Rustic Stars

Last year, I made sixty little reindeer, out of a wine cork, some bits of wire, and several beads.  This year, she suggested stars, so I started trying some different ideas, either using snowflakes as the basic motif, or stars. 

The snowflakes were very cute, but entailed winding wire around a jig to get the effect.  They are not something I wanted to make sixty of!

The first step in making Rustic Stars, lots of bends in a length of wire

So I regressed back to my childhood, to the simple design of a star made from a single line.  The wire is the line, bent into the shape.  That's doable!  I can picture a row of these hung on a string over the mantel, or even attached to a present, or hung on the tree.

Rustic Star, finished

I'm sure Stephanie's clients will be happy to receive this little token of appreciation that's hand made and rustic.

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