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The Gardener is 'In' or 'Out' Sign

Funny Rustic Garden Signs

You've seen those old time signs for a doctor, where it says, The Doctor is In (or a changeable part that says Out)?  This is a horticulturists take on it.

The Gardener is In (or Out) Hand Painted Sign

The board itself is a find; a piece of one by twelve lumber, salvaged from the burn pile.  I don't mind that it's got a split in it, or that it shows the saw marks.  That gives it character and a vintage feel.

The background is a mixture of black, blue and white paint, drizzled on, and then smoothed out to give it some variation.

Black, White and Blue Paint

The little pot that has In on one side and Out on the other is shaped with a jigsaw to be the shape of a clay pot, and I painted a plant behind it. 

The paint for the pot was a mixture of red, yellow and brown, in this case mixed together until it was the right shade to look like clay.

The varathane that I use is water based

Someone pointed out to me that it stops the piece of wood from warping if it's painted on both sides to seal it, so this is what I did.  The wood on both sides of the sign is sealed with my go-to product, water based Varathane.

The finished garden sign

When the letters were painted, I sanded the paint off a bit, to make it look weathered.  A simple way of hanging both the sign and the In part are two holes drilled right through, and it will hang on two nails.  That's a vintage look!

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