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Being a member of a group that helps, coaches, coaxes and cajoles you into creating some really fun garden art is priceless.

Creative Collective - a full year of fun

If you're one of those (like so many of us) that need a nudge, or just a boot in the rear end to get something going, join in!  This group is custom made for one full year of ideas, doled out by the week. 

Some of the tutorials will be simple and easy to achieve, while others are more challenging. You'll receive content that are about the best types of plants to use in mosaics or spheres.

Ask for advice on a project that's stalled, or find out what to do with your plant and why it's getting worse and worse.  The group will help!

The price is less than a cup of coffee a week for membership in the group. Your subscription is your guarantee for fun for a full year.

I hope you'll join us - find out more on Drought Smart Plants here.

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