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Second Attempt

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My first try at making an art portfolio for each of my grandsons was an epic fail.  I'm having much more success the second time around. There are times when you just have to give up.

Kids Art Portfolio - take two...

But this time was a project I was determined to do, because I want to encourage the crafty and artsy side of these youngsters. 

Maybe next time they come to visit, the portfolios will be bulging with excellent art work and projects.  Their choice - I don't try and influence the types of projects and media they use.

Shopping frugally at the dollar store was essential, although the most expensive part (the three colors of duct tape) will also go towards other craft projects in the future.

Handles braided from t-shirt-strips

The two place mats for each portfolio cost $1.50 each.  These are plastic coated in bright colors; there wasn't a lot of choice, but if you live where there are more to choose from you could use the child's favorite action figure or interest.

Lined to prevent losing their treasured art work...

I decided to line each portfolio to stop things from fall out of the sides when they put their treasures in.  These will be for extra special art work, to give an idea of what they were interested in for that particular year. 

I come from a very artistic family, with various skills in drawing, painting and other crafts, so it will be fascinating to see which talents these two have inherited.

Two buttons inside keep the outside buttons from pulling through...

Two buttons are sewn onto one side, with an elastic cord to twist around them to hold it shut.

Painted to match and with a coat of Mod Podge to give them a bit of bling...

I like how these turned out - hope the boys like them too.  I can't wait to see their special art work when they come to visit.

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