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Rurality Issue 13

September 2014

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Fall isn't far off - there is always that little window of time that comes at the end of the summer, usually after a good rainstorm when you know that those warm days will soon end, and autumn is just around the corner.

I find that I get new energy in the fall - the cooler nights mean that it's easier to get to sleep, so you wake in the morning and feel refreshed.  That's when I know that the time is short to get a few things done.

Autumn is just around the corner...

One way I celebrate the turning of the seasons is to refresh and refurbish my garden shed, the Eggporeum

This year, it's all about the rich tones of orange and taupe, with the colors of dusk and twilight - purple and mauve.  I've got a new vignette here for the fall, with some grasses and peppers in old enamel ware buckets, along with lots of other rustic and vintage stuff.

The falling leaves will soon reveal some of my favorite craft materials; twigs.  There are lots of twig crafts that are easy to make to give that flavor of rusticity to your home decor.

I've had some fun with painting garden signs this year; between the rustic garden signs that find homes all over my garden, and the special ones in the shape of clouds, this is something that never gets old.  They're quick to make, and lots of fun for visitors.  Check out these garden sign sayings, and get inspired to paint some for your garden.

Now is the perfect time to build something creative and enjoy it before the nights close in and cold weather arrives.

I've been making things with twigs for a long time, and it took a while to figure out the quirks of working with a material that is always changing, and has some definite preferences - it is alive, after all.  Buy the book and learn all my tips and tricks for making all kinds of fun garden art with twigs and branches;

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