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Rurality Issue #18

April 2015

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There are signs of spring all around - even some flowering bulbs like my tiny Firefly crocusses are out.  That makes the long dreary winter seem worthwhile when you see the first flowers.

Rurality Issue #18 April 2015

There are a lot of forgotten shrubs in my garden that don't draw a lot of attention to themselves. 

One of my favorites is Corylus contorta, or Harry Lauders Walking Stick.  Harry Lauder was a stage performer a long time ago, and his signature was the wiggly stick that he carried. 

This shrub takes a long time to get going, but in one house I lived in there was a specimen that was about ten feet high, with an equal spread.  I used the wiggly twigs that I pruned out for all kinds of crafts, even just as cut branches for a spring display.

Hypertufa is one of those kinds of crafts that I always seem to be a fall project but in the spring is when they emerge from the snow and I notice them again.  The Faux Driftwood Planters that I made last year are finally planted - this time with moss.

Get your nesting boxes ready for the early arrivals as they fly north.  Hummingbirds will be here soon too, impatient to get going and raise a brood. 

Spring is an exciting time, and I'm more than ready for it and the excitement and energy it brings.

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