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Rurality Issue #20

June 2015

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With warm days and longer hours of daylight, you may be able to guess what I've been up to - Hypertufa!  I spend only a few hours at a time in my studio, and the rest of the time I'm planting up some pots that I made last year or that need a renovation.

Rurality Issue #20 June 2015

I bought some molds to make faces, which is a rarity.  My molds consist of bowls from the thrift store, buckets of sand or even a pile of sawdust.  Keep an open mind, and you'll find lots of molds to use.

Are you a wildcrafter?  You might need some information on staying safe out there;

I have figured out how to make simple and easy rebar archways; one long piece of rebar is the perfect length to make into an arch that you can wire twigs onto.  It's amazing how well these hold up, and how vines seem to love twining on them. 

I've even had them get so covered in Clematis that the snow piles up in the winter and knocks them over. 

Who knew that Clematis vines would be so strong?

9 of my favorite Hypertufa projects - maybe these will get the creative juices flowing for you;

I'm so glad you could stop in and check out some of my fun projects.  What will I get up to next?  

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