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April 15, 2024

Time for another of my rants! This time, it's about the local cats. Dogs running loose is a topic for another day, now I'm going to discuss the feline problem in my neighborhood.

April 15 2024

The weather is warming, rain showers are soft and gentle, watering the flowers with the butterflies flitting, bees softly humming. Birds are singing in the trees as they busily build their nests.

Then the peace of the day is shattered by the sound of a small bird screeching as the cat paws it out of the air as it visits your garden.

Even planting small trees and shrubs won't alter the problem, which is cats being irresponsibly let outdoors every day to destroy the eco-system. Cats are responsible (right after window strikes) for killing millions of migratory songbirds. If you have a cat (or two, they seldom act alone) them please, please, please bell them, or make them a 'catio' so they can watch but not touch.

Don't be that cat owner contributing to the problem of birds being killed, and don't blind yourself to their continuing blood lust.

Rant over.

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