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March 15, 2022

The question and answer format seems to be working - I've had lots of queries about various things to do with rustic crafts.

March 15 2022

This issue is concerned with twigs, one of my favorite topics. I love to look at them at this time of year, just before they start to bud. They always inspire me and make me get creative.
The one question that I was asked was how to store them, after harvesting, and how long they should be good for. I usually harvest them just before using them, but sometimes it's important to over-harvest in the early spring so you have a supply to use later.

The big question here is how exactly do you store them? I generally group them into the various lengths, and tie or use an elastic band to keep them together.

Then, they can be laid flat on pallets, or shelves, so the air can circulate. Leaving them lying on the ground (which is damp) will just start to rot them, and at the very least, the bark will slough off.

If storage room is at a premium, hang the bundled rods from looped string or wire from the rafters of a shop or garage.

I prefer to use three loops, one at each end, and one in the center. This prevents the rods from bending, as this will be fairly permanent - of course, this might be something you need, such as if you're making an obelisk.

If you lean the rods against the wall, put something under the ends so they don't rot. If you want to insert the ends into the soil, such as you would if building a plant support, let them dry out really well.

This prevents the rods from 'shooting' or budding out - think of it, they are just like huge cuttings.

Find out more about storing twigs here; storing-twigs-for-crafts.html
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