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October 01, 2021

Fall is here, with a vengeance. If you haven't had a frost yet, you may get one soon, in which case, those clear and cool fall days will mean it's Indian summer. Enjoy those last few wildcrafting expeditions to pick up pine cones and acorns, to build up your craft supply stash.

October has that bittersweet feel; you know that the end of the year is approaching, with it's attendant weird weather patterns, but enjoy it while it's still fine, even as the nights draw in. pine-cone-crafts.html
Displaying your crafts, or just the supplies, gives you lots of rustic options. Rustic decor can be simple, or more complicated. I like to keep it simple. simple-rustic-displays.html
Storing your supplies in a safe, dry place is crucial. Nothing is worse than getting inspired, only to find that your supplies are ruined by rain, or mold. Depending on what they are, you might need some kind of cabinet to keep them in. craft-storage-cabinet.html
You know what I'm going to say now, right? You guessed it! Halloween is coming soon! Make some vintage looking crafts to display on a porch or inside your home. vintage-halloween-decorations.html
I hope you've enjoyed the new format of Rurality Newsletter. Let me know what you think! contact.html
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