Craft Storage Cabinet

DIY your own Resource Center

If you're like me, you collect lots of craft supplies - whether you have a use in mind or not. 

Sometimes people pass along their hoards of stuff and you need a place to keep it tidy and out of sight.

Craft Supplies Cabinet

I always come across kitchen cabinet doors - in fact, I've been known to advertise that I'm searching for more to make into rustic chalkboards and garden signs.

I also seek out the flat style so I can make them into checkerboard tea trays along with other things.

Some of these kinds of items don't hang around long - quickly made into a piece of rustic garden art to sell

But what about the little bits and pieces that you collect in your travels and only need a few at a time? 

You need some kind of storage cabinet for those.  Here's what I've done, and you need only to advertise on Craigslist or other free classifieds to get a good response to your needs. 

Here's what someone gave to me and it took less than 24 hours for me to get the brilliant idea of stacking them in one of our storage sheds as a place to neatly store buckets of wooden beads, driftwood and other assorted supplies. 

All the smaller items now have a tidy home, ready for me to see at a glance what I have.  That's a switch - no more searching through all my supplies in five different places to find some bits that I know I have - somewhere.

I like to use jars for small supplies and materials.  Like these mason jars that are the place to go for screws and nails.

To be able to find what's in the cabinet at a glance, it's important to be able to label it - why not use chalkboard paint so you can write on the door itself with chalk?

Chalkboard painted cabinet doors

Raising it up a bit off the concrete floor would take a moment - and four pieces of spindles cut off a longer piece. 

That's for a future project - for now, they're stacked three high on top of another little cabinet - just right for all my bits of junk - it's my resource center.

Later; I found an old worn out armoire, and recycled it into a fabulous shabby chic pie safe and it found its way to my crafts area. Forget the spindle idea, this works way better!

Here's what it looks like now, and I made some handles out of twigs and beads for both parts, the top four kitchen cabinets and the shabby pie safe.

From Sad Armoire to Fab, Shabby Pie Safe

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