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Upcycled Buffet

A Tired Little Dining Room Buffet gets a new lease on life...

Another great find from the recycle center - obviously, you need to look deeper than the initial view.  This had been used as a cat den, and was scratched in one corner, and a tacky curtain had been stapled on - horrors!

Upcycled Buffet

Learning how to see past those kinds of first impressions is important if you want to find funky furniture to refinish.  Luckily, the biggest problems are easy to fix with a bit of glue, a couple of tiny nails and some stripper.

When it came to this buffet, all the outdated hardware was removed, and the trim was reapplied with glue and small nails. 

This dentil molding is typical of these little pieces of furniture, and I love it.  Two coats of my favorite interior velvet finish latex paint gives it good coverage over the purple.

The drawers were taken out and lubricated with soap to stop them from sticking. 

The drawers were binding in places

Used in combination with the upcycled day bed, this forms the head board part of it, and is valuable added storage.

Copper Pipe Hardware complete the rustic look

The hardware is made from copper pipe; see the tutorial here.

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