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Got Twigs? Use them for building arts and crafts!

In the early days of the huge lodges built for escaping from city life in the late 1800’s, twig crafts were built by itinerant artisans who gathered wild things and crafted them into unique and treasured (and these days, valuable) furnishings.

Using natural (and free) materials in unusual ways was essential - these traveling artists worked for a meal, or a place to stay for a few days before moving on, carrying little more than a bedroll and a folding knife.

Twig furniture such as twig chairs and rustic benches, highly decorated armoires and tables, as well as light fixtures and lamps decorated the guest accommodations of western hunting cabins.

At the beginning of the 20th century in the early 1900's, it was a long lived fad to have your picture taken with a twig chair or other twig craft as a backdrop, and many wedding pictures and other family portraits from the time show this trend.

Twig Walking Stick

Twig Walking Stick

Twig Balls

Twig Balls

Twig Craft Tools

Tools for Twig Crafts

Twig Craft Techniques

Twig Craft Techniques

Twig Lattice Fence

Twig Lattice Fence

Twig Toggles

Twig Toggles

Twig Handles

Twig Handles

How to Build a Twig Fence

How to Build a Rustic Twig Fence

Rustic Twig Gate

Rustic Twig Gate

In the intervening decades, twig crafts became passé, and faded from popular fashion.

Today, the interest in producing art from nature’s bounty is growing in leaps and bounds.

There are farms which grow willows, or Salix twigs and other shrubs that thrive on coppicing for use in baskets and fencing.

Artisans are everywhere, even in and around major centers and cities.

Craft fairs and farmers markets usually have a few people making unique and different twig crafts.

Rustic Twig Arbor Chair to grace your wild garden

Native aboriginal people have re-learned some of the old ways, and produce incredible native art - this link opens in a new window - enjoy!

Some of the twig crafts you can make yourself with only a few simple twig craft techniques are twig obelisks, twig balls and twig tuteurs as well as many other simple and useful crafts such as willow baskets.

Fruit wood twigs can be made into fruit wood tool handles, Amelanchier twigs into spectacular and unique twig walking sticks - keep your eyes open for twigs to use in your next twig craft.

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all images and text on this site are copyrighted
All images and text on this site are copyrighted

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Want more twig crafts?  Look here at the things you can make;  Get inspired:

Twig Palisade Fence

Twig Fences

Rustic Garden Structures

Rustic Twiggy Garden Structures

Rustic Bench

Build a Rustic Bench

Twig Wreath...

Twig Wreath

Hypertufa? Twigs? Rusty and Rustic?

Here's where you can find it all: I've been inspired and motivated to create all kinds of garden crafts and now I'll share them with you - welcome to my Rustic Garden!

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