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Crafts for and by a Countryperson

This is not the site for the sophisticated urbanite. You don't need to be a yokel or a clodhopper but you can be if you like. Your surroundings might be bucolic and picturesque, or you dream about it. With rustic crafts, the only rule is that there are no rules.


You might want a country home, with rustic features like twig or branch furniture, windows opening onto a lovely garden filled with flowering plants in funky garden pots.  All that is possible here.

Learn how to make a potting bench out of salvaged barnboards and twigs. Find out more on the topic of hypertufa, that magical mix of concrete and peat moss.

Click on the thumbnails below for more on some of the unique rustic crafts and garden art;

Reuse cast offs, build things from scratch out of things that were not meant for that use, or find treasures in yard sales, thrift stores, at auctions, or in grandma's attic to make into something unique and interesting.

Estate sales often are a treasure trove of off casts, things that are not eye-catching enough for serious collectors.  Think outside the box, take the road less traveled.

index-paint-trug.jpgBranches and leaves on a black background grace this tool box full of paint supplies

This is such an inspiring way to save the world, one piece of junk at a time. You could find a wooden tote or trug, with very little to commend it, and transform it into a magical painted piece of art for your paints and brushes.

This makes it much more likely to inspire you to reach for them to do some art work.

index-painted-pot.jpgGreen and yellow and black painted pot in a camouflage pattern

Artwork like this painted pot. Use those acrylic craft paints to give something like this abused plastic pot a second life as a succulent planter.

index-cloches.jpgTwo glass cloches shimmer in the light

After years of collecting things from junk shops or the recycle center, odds are good that you have a good selection to choose from for your next project. The problem is making a decision!


Find out more about me and my strange obsession with rustic crafts, twigs and salvage.

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