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Are you one of those people who feel compelled to stop at all garage sales and flea markets?  Got a garden shed filled with all kinds of treasures that 'one day' you'll make into something cool for your garden?

Weathered, Worn, Rusty & Rustic...Here are a few of my favorite things...

I've got that problem too - but now I make the thrift store finds that I've collected into some very unique bird baths, garden totems, rain chains and other garden art projects.

Vignettes of vintage glass against an old window, kitchen pots and pans planted with special succulents or mosses gathered on an old wood burning cookstove are charming and appealing.

Twigs, barnboard and driftwood can be used to make a unique diy workbench, a rustic fence, fan trellis or twig handled trug.

Collecting funky old stuff and displaying it in vignettes around your garden adds a rural charm, even if you live right in the middle of a city.  Don't let geography stand in your way - show your country heart.

Hypertufa is a strange and exciting material; learn how to make lots of interesting plant pots, containers and garden art.

Click on the thumbnails below for more on some of the unique rustic crafts and garden art you can learn to make here:

With a renewed interest in repurposing, recycling and reusing, rustic crafts are the perfect place to use worn out and tired old things, giving them a new lease on life in your garden or home.

Garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, auctions and flea markets – you can always find something if you keep your imagination active and searching.

How do I use these strange and wonderful thrifty treasures?

Displays of succulent plants and xeric demonstration gardens are the perfect place to show off my creations of rustic crafts, twig fences and handmade garden art and sculptures.

Find out more about me and my strange obsession with rustic crafts, twigs and salvage.

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Enjoy your visit to Blue Fox Farm and come back often to see what’s new - see you here next time!

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all images and text on this site are copyrighted
All images and text on this site are copyrighted

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What? Playing in the Mud again?

Who knew that Hypertufa was so much fun?

Hypertufa Grots...

Hypertufa pots and containers in your garden add a rustic ambiance.

Hypertufa Pinch Pots...

Planted with Sempervivum and other hardy succulents...

Handfuls of Sempervivum...

...your imagination is the limit;

Orbs or Spheres overflow with Sempervivum

Everyday household items can be used as Hypertufa Molds - even old pieces of pipe;

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