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Recycled Dishes

Vintage Mismatched Thrift Store Finds

They're gorgeous, and so appealing; vintage dishes and plates that are one of, found in the thrift store or hidden in a basement, or at a garage sale. 

Recycled Dishes

They need to be seen and displayed, but you don't have the right decor in the right colors, or enough room to show them off.  Here are a few ways to give recycled dishes a new lease on life.

Fish Mosaic

To use them whole, make a mushroom solar light, lamp base, or a garden totem.  The glue you use can be removed if needed, and the piece is undamaged, but you can enjoy it for as long as you like.

Recycled Dishes in a Flower Shape

For chipped or broken pieces, keep going; smash them up and make them into a mixed media mosaic, combined with gems, terrazae, and tiles in complementing colors.  The jewel-like result can be startling.

Mosaic Gekko

It's a shame to put the finished art work up on a roof, but the resulting pieces are spectacular.

Mosaic Roof Decoration

Think outside the box, don't be confined by what others have done with their old dishes; the colors and textures of a box of thrift store bowls and teacups will inspire you to greatness.

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