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Encrusted Cannonballs

Rustic Artifacts from the Deep

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If you've always been fascinated by the stories of pirate treasure and glowing jewels and other loot, this is a way to celebrate the beauty of plunder. I've also always wanted a gazing ball - but I don't like the mirror kind - here's where glam meets rustic.

Encrusted Cannonballs

In the ocean when ships are wrecked and sent to the bottom, a curious thing happens. 

Over time, lots of time, sea creatures make their homes on all the debris, forming fantastical castle-like shapes and crenellations.

A collection of sea glass, marbles, beads and gems

Once recognizable objects become encrusted with barnacles and other shell creatures, and are transformed from just an ordinary every day item to something fabulous.

With the generosity of the sea in mind, I took one of my previous projects, a hypertufa finial, glued on all manner of sea glass, gems and marbles, and made it into this gem encrusted cannonball.

Almost finished, the Encrusted Cannonball is displayed on a metal stand

This one, because the gems are glued on with Mod Podge, most likely will be displayed under cover.  If you want to have it in the garden in all weather, choose a glue that is weather proof, such as E6000.

Encrusted Cannonball Gemmed Gazing Ball

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