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Do you have a question to ask about rustic crafts? A problem you need help with? Ask the Artisan!

I've been making funky garden art for a while now, and sometimes you just need a guiding hand to help you get over a difficult bump in the road.

Some crafts have a steep learning curve - finding out how to cut metal stars to attach to your large grapevine wreath, for instance can be hard to figure out by yourself.

My tutorials throughout the site are easy to follow, but sometimes you may have a problem with a certain aspect of the craft.

If this sounds like you, I can help you out.

Post your question to the Woman of Many Sticks below, so everyone can have access to the hints and tips I'll reply with.

The Woman of Many Sticks is in...

Ask me about your rustic craft problem, or to get detailed opinions about the best time to collect driftwood, or when should you stop making hypertufa...

If you are a rustic crafter, you will be interested in other questions that visitors have asked...

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How do you knowwhen the Hypertufa is ready for water bath curing. 
How long does the Hypertufa need to dry before it can be cured I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Its probably right in front of my face but cant …

Wardian Case 
I've been wanting to have a Wardian case for quite some time, but spending oodles of money on it is not an option. So, I've been looking into building …

How can I fix a hypertufa bird bath that split? 
Hi, How can I fix a hypertufa bird bath that split after 12 years. The mold was a very large rhubarb leaf and the birdbath split cleanly down a leaf …

Speckled Alder 
Hello, I was out foraging in the Falmouth Maine area looking for nice straight twigs along the powerlines...I want to make some natural looking trellises …

Hypertufa Sphere Issue 
I would like help making 'tufa sphere.I am using 10" ball. The mix is consistency of toothpaste but keeps slipping off the underside of the ball. I have …

dead wood for sculptures 
I encounter a lot of tree trunks and dead wood on my property that I would love to use for sculpture/furniture making. How do I dry it out and for how …

Hypertufa, peat and mortar mix 
is there a way to preserve driftwood pieces? Mine have deteriorated through the years. Could I dip them in the peat and mortar mixture? Hi Barbie Car …

how do you make a concrete hand planter/seed holder? 
I saw this on Pinterest and referenced your web site. But I can't find it on your site, guess I don't know exactly how to describe it. Hope you can help. …

What is the correct curing time for hypertufa pots and statues? 
I have heard any where from 1 week to months. My husband and I just started doing projects with hypertufa. We really enjoy playing in the mud creating …

I am the 4-H leader of our homeschool group of kids in West Virginia. 
We are the hillbilly homeschoolers 4-H club. We need a logo and a banner and I have been a big fan of yours for a while. I would LOVE for you to help …

Splitting Twigs 
I've been making some trellises for my garden, but I'm having problems with the twigs splitting when I try to nail them. What am I doing wrong? I'm using …

Driftwood weathering 
Can you tell me about collecting and using roots? I am originally from Vancouver and am now living in Montreal I would like to create an art show with …

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all images and text on this site are copyrighted
All images and text on this site are copyrighted

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