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The Eclectic Eggporeum

Everything to do with Birds

The Eggporeum started out life as a funky chicken house; since then, it's evolved into an eclectic collection of bird-o-bilia; everything that looks like birds would build, live in or use is assembled here.

Vintage, bird themed junk gravitates to the Eclectic Eggporeum...

From rusty bird cages, to found or diy birds nests, to tools that you might see near a chicken house, all bird themed junk in my garden seems to gravitate to this funky little rustic shed.

My collection of bird cages, both real and those that are actually decorative planters for hanging in a corner of your living room are here.

If it could hold a bird, or did at one time or just looks like a bird, this is the place. 

The cage doors are always open, though; I hate the thought of caging a bird...

Click on any of the pictures to open the gallery and see each image in a larger size:

I'm always on the lookout for more bird themed junk to add to the collection; whether it's bird cages, home made diy birds nests, poultry planters or anything else that fits into the concept it will be proudly displayed in and around the Eggporeum.

See more about the construction of the Eggporeum on No Frills Build, and the modular green roof on Drought Smart Plants.

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