Building Rustic Furniture E-Book

DIY and Craft Tutorial Manual

Building twig and branch crafts for your garden is easy with this handy book by your side. Print it out, or keep it on the hard drive of your computer for quick reference.

If twig furniture has always seem unattainable, this book will dispel that myth.

The Rustic Furniture and Garden Art E-book

Here are a few things you'll find in this 20 page e-book:

  • The tools and techniques you'll need; don't worry, you probably have the tools, and if you can swing a hammer and use a pair of pliers, you're set.
  • Some easy crafts to start with, so you can gain your confidence; things like a trellis for your climbing plants to clamber up.
  • What kinds of finishes can you use on your twigs to keep them looking good for years; you probably already have this in your shed or basement.
  • Details on 15 different projects.

Twigs are one of the easiest and nicest materials to work with; easy to obtain (any landscaper or orchard owner will be happy to give you as much as you need for a few crafts) and simple to design with (the natural curves and bends will hide a multitude of carpentry sins, and leave you with a unique and rustic piece of artwork for your garden).

Buy the e-Book now, and have access immediately; this is a downloadable product, meaning it's available instantly.

Don't wait any longer if you've been one of those people who think they can't possibly make any kind of garden craft - I'm betting you can do it, by following my simple directions.

Buy the Building Rustic Furniture E-Book now and get inspired - I'll bet you'll enjoy this fascinating way of building garden art from twigs; the price is $4.47USD:

Make sure you download your e-book immediately - computer crashes are real!

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