The Dream Alternate Lifestyle

The alternate lifestyle of wildcrafting is something that few people have heard about.

In some areas, it’s a common occurrence for First Nations people to move nomadically to the wild places to collect mushrooms in season.


These are not the only ones to find the wildcrafting lifestyle to their liking.

In an anthropological sense, we’re all hunter gatherers at heart, with the urge to move and find adventure in far off places.

If you could make a living at it, wouldn’t that be great?

The typical things wildcrafters are looking for are those things that are seasonal in nature and ephemeral, such as mushrooms.

The need for communication with someone who is scouting for these items and can tell you when they’re at their peak is essential.

If you’re fortunate to be living a rustic lifestyle already, wildcrafting is simply another aspect of that.

Gleaning the products that nature conveniently provides and that the public requires, in the way of high end restaurants in urban areas can be a fairly lucrative and satisfying way of making a living.

Collecting fiddle head ferns, mushrooms, herbs and other natural foods growing wild especially for medicinal uses or as a delicacy are the perfect way to have some seasonal income, leaving you free for other pursuits for the rest of the seasons.

Whether you're collecting for your own use, gleaning medicinal plants or supplies for your kitchen, or gathering to sell them, wildcrafting supplements your larder or your income.

Spruce cones collected from a rest stop on Highway 3A, near Kelowna, B.C.

Craft supplies are also an important wildcrafting harvest.

Pine cones, twigs and birds nests can be found in wild places, as well as bark for bird houses, seed pods and other natural items.

If you're a wildcrafter using the abundance of nature for creating unique and unusual crafts, or you want to buy wildcrafted items, add your name to the wildcrafting directory below.

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Meet Other Wildcrafters here...

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Peaceful Pines Farm 
We live on our land and with our land in the beautiful inland northwest. We endeavor to use what it offers and be good stewards! There are Pine boughs …

Oregon grape root, mahonia aquifolium  
Wildcrafting for 15+ years looking for buyers of Oregon grape root and usnea,have 1000 pounds dried and ready please call 541-670-477o Oregon Grape …

Are there others like me in S. Indiana ?  
I would really enjoy learning from a real forager. Being outside, finding new places and things, but never forget my favorite spots.

Looking for buyers for my wildcrafted herbs, fruits, tinctures, infused oils .. 
Hello! I'm in the Lower Mainland (Surrey, BC) and am looking for buyers of my wild crafted Herbs, fruits etc. I also make Tinctures and Infused Oils. …

Wildcrafting Excitement 
Hi, My name is Wendy and I live in Minnesota -50 miles west of the twin cities. I raise alpacas and use the fiber for felting. And I mean you can …

Mother Natures Hideaway Utah 
I started collecting natures gifts when i was very young. My family would go camping in the California mountains where I was born. I gathered acorns, …

Forest Furniture Lake Tahoe 
Julianne and Marianne of Forest Furniture create unique, rustic furniture and cabin accessories using found wood, recycled skis, and a recipe for Faux …

The Cajun Hippie - south Louisiana 
I've always been thrifty and worked many years in the furniture industry selling everything from the standard box store items to custom made cypress furniture …

North Woods WalkAbout 
I used to do timber stand exams in the Superior National Forest (Minnesota) and have seen some really wonderful sights in the boreal woodland of the …

In the Heart of Tennessee 
I can help in whatever you are searching for in the Middle Tennessee area. Just tell me your wants and needs. I'll see what I can do. Woman of Many …

Wildcrafting Ethics 
The simple ethics of wildcrafting are to keep the environment around you in mind at all times. Don't simply rape and pillage. Use a delicate touch, and …

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