Getting Started Making Your Very Own Rustic Crafts

Hypertufa, Twigs and Metal Crafts

Do you need a bit of a push to get going?  Here's where you can find the kick in the pants to get started making your very own rustic crafts, from Hypertufa to twig crafts, to working with metal to make some unique garden art, porch and home decor.


I've been building my own rustic crafts for years, from twiggy trellises and gazebos, to hand built paving stones and other garden art.  Making twig furniture was where it all started. I've developed methods of attaching twigs with wire and learned which twigs are the best choice for which project.

The list of fun doesn't end there; I've designed and built other rustic garden art out of tin cans, rusty metal bits, and even made my own fake tin tiles for use in my home decor. 

If this kind of crafting hits you where you live, and you are fascinated with the ways you can recycle junk into garden art, make great unique planters out of simple ingredients, or collect twigs and branches out of the woods and celebrate natures bounty, join in the fun here!

Do you have a great rustic art project?

Please share! If you're into creating fun accessories for your garden, porch or home, I want to know all about it!

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i dont know if its a craft but i love making stuff 
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