Hypertufa How-To Manual

How to Get Started with Hypertufa

Got a yearning to start your Hypertufa Gardening, but don't know where to start?  This e-book is downloaded directly to your hard drive.

The Hypertufa How-To Manual - Download your copy of the Hypertufa How-To ManualDownload your Hypertufa How-To Manual and get started today...

There are few things more fun than making your own rustic planters and containers. 

Garden art will never be the same once you get plugged into the look of this fabulous craft. 

Let your creative side loose, and build containers to plant with hardy succulents or odd and funky millstones that give your garden an aged and vintage look.

Give your garden a completely unique character with some of your very own creations.  You can bet that no-one else will have anything like it.  Each pot and each container you build will be individual and completely you. 

The added bonus of making your own hypertufa pots is that plants like succulents and others love the rough surface. 

It prods their roots into splitting up, preventing them from getting root bound.  It also allows air exchange through the porous sides, a major benefit for many sensitive types of plants.

Grow ferns, African violets, Pelargonium (Geraniums) and many other plants in your collection.

This e-book gives instructions and tutorials for several projects as well as detailed guidelines for your supplies, molds, your studio and much more.

Scared to get it wrong?  There is no such risk with hypertufa.  I show you exactly what the mix should look like for almost instant success, and outline the pitfalls and what not to do. 

Get excited and get creating!

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