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Coat Hanger Heart

A Simple and Primitive Country Craft

Add a simple country look to your home decor with this easy primitive craft.  There is something so appealing about hearts, and this is a way show your tender sensibilities.

A primitive Coat Hanger Heart...

The supplies you will need will be right in your home; a wire coat hanger, preferably a white painted one, and a discarded t-shirt cut into strips.  See more about how to cut a t-shirt into strips here

An alternative would be rustic and textured yarn or wool.

A wire coat hanger and some t-shirt strips

Bend the coat hanger into a heart shape.  This does not (luckily) have to be perfect - the beauty of primitive accessories is that the imperfections are part of the attraction of these fun crafts.

Bend the wire into a heart shape...

Starting at the top or hook area, start winding the t-shirt strip around the wire.  Again, this doesn't have to be perfect...

Add some bling to brighten up the heart...

A glittery brooch, some silk flowers or some sea shells will add your own personal touch.

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