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DIY Lanterns

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Imagine the romantic light of a simple homemade lamp to light the way in your garden...Now learn how to do it with the help of some bits and pieces salvaged out of the trash and recombined to make a beautiful diy lantern.

DIY Lanterns

You can use found items (otherwise known as trash) and make it into your own take on a lamp or lantern.

There are lots of options for making a light or lamp out of some recycled stuff - mason jars, coffee cans punched with a pattern, or a battery operated tea light chandelier. 

What will you come up with?

Here are a few ideas and projects that I developed;

How to Make a Tin Can Lantern

Learn how to make the punched tin effect for that lovely sprinkle of light;

Punched Tin Lampshade

Or, for a really effective and fun little project with a spool and a Pringles tin, make your own faux lantern to display with a pretend candle that even flickers;

Prim Flour Scoop Lantern

The trend of using those very ordinary common or garden variety mason jars for all kinds of crafts doesn't seem to be going away - here are a few ways to make your own diy lanterns contributed by other imaginative bloggers;

Winter Mason Jar Lanterns

Etching glass gives lots of opportunity for giving something your very own unique look;

The Country Chic Cottages take on a DIY Lantern

For a specific event or a special person, customize them!

Whether your Garden Art DIY depends on something rustic and repurposed for it's appeal or is a more polished and sleek look, you'll find some way to add character to it with some DIY Lanterns.

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all images and text on this site are copyrighted
All images and text on this site are copyrighted