Prim Flour Scoop

Here's a Rustic Christmas DIY

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Primitive and country style rustic stuff - that's what I'm all about.  And if you can take some trash (literally) and make it into something really fun, so much the better.

Prim Flour Scoop - love that country and rusty look!

The basis of any good primitive craft is that it will be made out of something recycled.

If you can believe it, the basis for this project is a Pringles chip can. 

These are cardboard, with a metal bottom, but in their wisdom the company that makes and sells these addictive chips has made them non-recycleable. 

That irks me, so I found a way to use at least one or two of them to make a prim flour scoop craft.

Taking trash to make into a craft?

Being cardboard, the can is simple enough to cut with kitchen shears into the shape of an old fashioned flour scoop.

Pringles can cut to shape...

The whole thing is 'grubby' with coffee grounds and cinnamon stuck on with Mod Podge glue. See more on the technique I used on the grubby candles page.

A wooden turned spindle is glued to the base of it with Gorilla Glue, which I aged with the weathering technique I talk about here.

Drudge texture is added...

Raffia is used to make a hanger, stapled on and then disguised with some tiny grubby stars. 

Indian moss, raffia and other purchases from the dollar store...

Dried Indian moss from the dollar store fills the base, and then a few little spruce cones, a flickering LED flameless tea light (also grubby) is added and there you have it; a Prim Flour Scoop to give your Christmas decor a country and rustic twist.

Caution; do not use a real candle in this project.  Being cardboard, and being decorated with flammable Spanish moss and pine cones, this is a fire hazard.

The finished country and rustic project...

Do I need to say this?  Obviously you would never use a real candle or tea light in this, because it's going to catch on fire.

Use these LED Flickering Operated Tea Lights for a fully realistic look, and safety.

Ways to display your primitive decor; use it as a real scoop in a dish full of nuts, or a basket of pine cones by the fireplace, or hang it, like I did, above the mantel.

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