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Hypertufa Hands

Rustic Garden Art DIY

Making funky and fun garden art is a knack.  I'm always finding things that can be taken to the next level, or designing something from scratch.

Hypertufa Hands - the Original...
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There are lots of ways that the hypertufa hands can be displayed, depending on what you use to form them, either draped over a round item such as a bottle, or inside a plastic plant pot.

A tiny Sempervivum peeks out...

As they weather, the moss will grow in the crevices, and eventually, in time, lichen could be happy there too. 

These don't need any special winter care, except to keep them dry if possible.  There is nowhere for water to collect, which could freeze and crack, but they could break if they are immersed in water.

A Pair of Hypertufa Hands

Think whimsy; display them in a small terracotta pot, with a handful of plants like a bouquet, or group them in a tray.

The original hypertufa hand - where it all started.  This one catches the imagination and gets everyone fired up!

The Original Hypertufa Hands

Make your own, and see what happens!

Garden Art DIY Tutorial

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Hypertufa Hands Tutorial 
Well, these are a funny little project - hypertufa hands made from (what else?) surgical gloves and your favorite hypertufa or soil cement mix. I …

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