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My Favorite Thrift Store Finds

Trash into Garden Treasure

I always wait for that feeling of glee - it's almost gloating, or pride, or something like that, when you spot a treasure in the rough. 

It might be something that will fit that empty spot in your collection of trashy plant containers, or something unique that only you will have.

My Favorite Thrift Store Finds...

It's an art, finding these kinds of things.  Other people pass them over, without a second glance, and then look at you funny when you start to drool. 

I get the oddest looks when I'm in the thrift store or recycle center, getting ecstatic over old windows, or a piece of rusty junk.

Sometimes other people I've run into have the same idea though. I had to sit on a little painted night stand in the recycle center, to keep another 'shopper' from grabbing it!

The funniest part is when you finally get all your friends and family trained to find you 'treasures'.  That's when you know you've arrived.

Click on any picture to open the slideshow and see bigger images;

You might see some of these objects in the pages of this site; see if you can spot them.

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