Whimsical Garden Art

DIY Craft Tutorials for Garden Art Projects

I was making really fun garden art before recycling was cool.  

Now everyone hoards; everyone has pride in their collections of rustic junk.

But sometimes that's as far as it gets and your imagination stalls.


The hardest part is deciding where to start.  Narrowing down your interests is really difficult, especially when you have so many choices.

Whenever you're at a garage sale or flea market, concentrate on building up your 'resource center' of things you know you'll use. Life is too short to collect everything you set eyes on, like a magpie.

So here are a few things that are really quite simple to make out of the ample options you have in thrift stores, at garage sales and auctions. 

Decide if you would rather concentrate your efforts on only one or two projects or, like me, you'll be all over the map.

Prime your imagination and build some of your very own rustic garden art. Good places to get inspired are on Facebook and Pinterest - there are so many crafty and imaginative people out there. 

Don't copy a project exactly, but use it as a jumping off point to make your very own fun and funky garden art.

Making seasonal displays from things you find at the dump or recycling center can be so satisfying - you may end up with so many projects you'll be wanting to sell them to others not as crafty as you are. That's a whole other conversation. See some of the garden art for sale here.

I can't wait to see what you come up with - please share your rustic crafts here and be featured on this website.

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