Garden Art for Sale

Some of my Creations available (for a price)

Even though I'm not in the best of health, I still love to produce whimsical art - here are a few items that are for sale; they are available at Vital Spark Integrative Health in Christina Lake, B.C. and the Exhibit A Artisans Market Place in Grand Forks, B.C. - if you're passing through the Grand Forks area, stop in and browse.


A word about the materials I use; these are mainly recycled, gleaned or found.  The finishes, when used, are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  After all, it's a garden and the decor shouldn't be poisonous.

Some of my creations are one of a kind, never to be repeated; finding the special rusty bits and materials can be very variable.  I try to make several of any one thing, but sometimes that's not possible.

Made from spools, beads and spindles these one-of-a-kind Rustic Dragonflies can be hung on a wall, or from the ceiling of a porch or under the gazebo.

$30.00 each

Triple Home Sweet Home signTriple Home Sweet Home sign

Large three tier hanging sign, perfect to welcome guests on or beside a door, or free hanging from the porch ceiling.  Chalk board back, rustic sign front.


Small chalkboards - these are variable sized around 14" square or rectangular, with a decorative twig or weathered driftwood to hang them from.


Chalkboards - MediumChalkboards - Medium

Similar to the small sized, but ranging in size from around 16 - 24" rectangular. Root or driftwood handles add a rustic touch.

$20.00 each

Chalkboards - LargeChalkboards - Large

The largest size is around 20 - 30" rectangular in shape. The wiggly twig is either driftwood, or collected from our property.

$30.00 each

Chalkboard Sandwich BoardChalkboard Sandwich Board

Two chalkboards joined at the top with a wiggly twig as the handle and hinge combined.  Perfect for a greeting, or for the menu. Size variable.

$50.00 each

Save the wild bees, and invite them into your garden to pollinate  your plants.  These bees don't sting, but they need a place to build their homes.

$20.00 each

They look like rock, but they're light as air, and protect the plants roots from cold winter temperatures. Hand carved and hand painted, with a drain hole in the bottom. Plants not included - use succulents for best effect.

$30.00 each

Wooden signs, with funny puns, sayings or just pointing out the obvious.  Lots to choose from, or contact me for a custom option.

$2 per letter

Two sizes of birds nests, made from wire, twigs and spanish moss, complete with eggs.  Small is about three inches across, medium is around five.

Small $13 each
Medium $18

Not just for Christmas - I bet you'll love these as a reminder of Grand Forks, B.C. anytime.

$10 each

Serve tea, or use for a checkerboard.  I fully researched how many squares to put on this rustic vinegar stained tray.


Made from cast off salvage, like frames, spindles and tin pieces, these angels are all different.


Upcycled Potting Bench -  use it for display on a porch or even indoors, or for actual potting; it won't mind! Each of these potting benches are one-of-a-kind, no two alike.  Be prepared to pre-pay for these, and get something completely unique, with twigs, barn boards or driftwood, as the mood strikes.

$140-$300 each

Topiary for indoors or on a porch - no need for watering!  There are various kinds that I make, using different materials for each.


Boxes made with old fence boards or barn board, with a twig for a handle, planted with succulents and mulched with lava rock or pebbles.


Carefully burned in the fire, then wire handles decorated with beads are added.  Use them for displaying those special bits of driftwood, or a candle.


Hang them on your porch, line the pathway, or use as a centerpiece; these punched tin lanterns are all different.


Weathered bird cages, with a twig handle - perfect for displaying delicate items that shouldn't be touched.


Rusty and weathered mirror made from salvaged tins or rusticated baking tins.


Hypertufa spheres, encrusted with gems and sea glass, with the odd little tile or seashell.  Gazing ball? Something to perk up a dark corner of your porch?  You decide.


All natural petals and flowers, fixed with orris root and scented with essential oils in a mason jar with a weathered and aged lid.


Three spiral holders, each with a grunged pillar candle, fitted with a battery operated tea light.  Display this indoors or out under cover - a porch is the perfect place.


Barnboard BoxesBarnboard Boxes

Barnboard boxes - each one different.  Some are painted, with faux wood grain.  Some have a rugged and rustic handle, or bead feet.  Each is unique.  Use these to display found items, or plant them for a window box.


Rusty scraps of metal, blocks of wood saved from the fire, a few nails, bit of wire, some bolts and a few washers, and what do you have?  Rustic Elephants, of course!


Wire and spanish moss combine with a terracotta pot to create a very cute display for your porch


Decorative metal tiles made from thin aluminum sheets can be used for decorating pie safes, hanging on the wall, or just as a medallion.


Pricing and preparing the wares for sale is an art in itself.  I punch a hole in the corner of one of my square business cards and place a small round sticker with the price on it.  The price tag is tied onto the piece with raffia or hemp string.

Garden Art for sale - priced to sell

Update - spring 2016; I'll be showcasing my wares at Exhibit A Artisan Market Place this year.  If you're in Grand Forks, B.C. stop in and see.

Update June 2018; my crafts are now on display in Greenwood, in the Rainbow Gallery.

Update spring 2024; now in PEI, available at craft fairs and specialty outlets.  My crafts have morphed, and now are inspired even more by birds and other winged creatures.  Watch for more on Birdabelia, Flights of Fancy & Things With Wings.

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