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Rustic Pin Cushion

Sewing and Rustic - the perfect combination

All hand sewers know that pins work best if you have a pin cushion to store them in; why not make a really rustic one from burlap and an old pepper shaker?

Rustic Pin Cushion

I've seem something similar on the web, but it never occurred to me to save the lid from a pepper shaker to make one out of - how cute would that be, to show off beautiful pins with beads on the end?

You may never use it, it's so beautiful, but if you do, it's got all the right stuff; a handful of rice to hold it upright, and dry off the pins in case they get any moisture on them, and a piece of steel wool to sharpen them, ready for use.

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The burlap is from an old potato sack - but you can buy new burlap or use any other type of fabric for it.

All it takes is a piece cut in a circle, gathered at the top and glued into the pepper shaker top.  How cute would that be to use vintage flour sacks, calico or even velvet?

Rustic Pin Cushion with bead topped pins

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