Mandala Coloring Pages

Unique Art for Coloring, Painting, Decoupage or
Wood Burning Patterns

Hand drawn Mandala designs make up these Mandala Coloring Pages – use these for wood burning patterns, embroidery, meditation focal points or simply beautiful art for your walls.

Mandala Coloring Pages
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Mandala coloring pages can be painted with acrylic craft paints; colored with pencil crayons or felt pens; decoupage onto wood boxes; transferred to fabric to embroider, or to a wooden surface for pyrography patterns.

Your imagination is the only limit; these are inspiring and unique designs, for you to create whatever you want.

How the Mandala Coloring Pages happened:

This collection of Joyce Cammidge’s beautiful Mandala designs was developed when Joyce lived in Williams Lake.

As an artist, art teacher and fiber art designer, knitter, and weaver for most of her long life, creating these hand drawn mandalas helped keep her sane and focused during her late husband, Andrews long illness.

Drawing Mandalas is fascinating and fun...
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Living in a small apartment made finding a clean, interesting hobby that could be contained in a tiny area crucial – making these mandala coloring pages fit the bill.

Joyce filled her time drawing these fantastic, unique mandala designs. Some are more suitable to certain crafts than others, but all have their particular charm.

These unique and different mandala designs are perfect for your holiday projects or give them as a coloring book to friends and relatives, young and old alike. If there’s anyone with an artistic bent on your shopping list, these will fill the bill.

What are Mandalas?
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Mandala 1
Mandala 2
Mandala 3

Mandala 4
Mandala 5
Mandala 6

Mandala 7
Mandala 8
Mandala 9

Mandala 10
Mandala 11
Mandala 12

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