Wood Burning Crafts

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Pyrography is the art of using a heated metal tool to burn patterns and designs into wood. Generally, it’s for decorative purposes, sometimes for branding an object with instructions or a logo.

Pyrography - the art of wood burning

The name comes from 'pyro' meaning fire, or burn, and 'graph' means writing. The intent of using pyrography designs is to make an indelible mark which can be filled in with paint or stain as ornamentation.

Some pyrography tools which are available are shapes like hearts, lines, circles and others which can be combined into a wood burning pattern.

Pyrography is used for logos, branding and information on products

Other pyrography patterns are mandalas, Celtic knots and so on, which are copied from paper onto a wooden box or other item, then burned into the wood with a soldering iron or special pyrography tool.

First begun as a way to decorate mundane and everyday objects, the wood burning hobby has turned into more of a wood burning art.

Pyrography tools are available mail order or from hobby stores.

Wood Burning Patterns range from simple repetitive designs to complex mandalas

Pyrography Tips and Techniques:

It’s important to think safety when working with anything hot, and pyrography tools by their nature are extremely hot.

Using electric soldering irons or small branding irons can be hazardous, as water and electricity don’t mix. Make sure your working area is cleared of any potentially flammable items before starting your wood burning craft.

Test your branding tools first on a piece of scrap wood to make sure the temperature is perfect – it should burn evenly, and not start the wood on fire, or be too light. It’s almost impossible to touch up in exactly the right spot. The iron should be hot before you try it.

Make sure you are perpendicular to the wood before pressing onto it otherwise it will burn some areas darker and deeper than others.

If you’re using branding pyrography tools with different patterns combined to make a design, have some idea of where each one will go. A lightly sketched graph with pencil will help to align all the patterns.

Looking for wood burning patterns? See the Mandala Coloring Pages.

Buy a selection of hand drawn mandala wood burning patterns, and get 4 free wood burning patterns as a bonus.

These unique and unusual designs can be used for many things, including pyrography patterns.

Everything you need to start wood burning;

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