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Rustic Twig Fences

Create your own charming and primitive twiggy enclosure

Rustic twig fences take several forms. They are all built from natural materials, of course, but the structure itself and the methods used to build them are unique to each type.

Rustic Twig Fences

Some types of twig fencing that you may use in a garden setting are the palisade style, picket and lattice.

All these are useful in different styles of garden.

Choosing the right rustic garden fence design is an important decision.

Look at the style, height, purpose and construction of each type to make the right choice.

Some rustic fences are built to keep animals out of the garden - deer require a fence over 2.2 meters (8'+) high to discourage them and rabbits are deterred by lining the base of the fence with small chicken wire up to 34-50cm (15" - 30") high.

Don’t use any kind of flexible netting like fishing nets as the rabbits will attempt to push through and get entangled, with bad results all round. The goal is to discourage them, not kill them.

Fence out the critters!

You may want a rustic twig fence for privacy from neighbors which will need to be less open in design, or for vines to grow on requiring a sturdier construction. 

Decide on the purpose for your rustic twig fence, and build accordingly.

Click on any picture below to open the gallery and see larger images;

Rustic post and rail fence
Russel Fence made with Jackpine rails
Zig Zag Fence made of pine logs

Here are some things to take into consideration when designing your rustic twig fence:

  • The available materials for building the twig fence – do you have access to a large amount of twigs, or will you have to bring them in?
  • Height and length required for the fence. Accurate measurements will help you make the right choice of fence design and the supplies needed.
  • Style of the garden and house. Make your choice based on which style will suit the dwelling and other buildings. Keep to a theme, and avoid the temptation to add one of every single design you see.

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