Rustic Garden Fence Designs

Classic, reinvented in twigs?  Or robust, rugged and rustic; what's your style?

There are so many great rustic garden fence designs – how to decide?

Rustic Garden Fence Designs

You may want to consider these types of rustic garden fence designs to choose from: wattle, hurdle, lattice, twig picket, twig palisade style, Russel or zig-zag.

All these have their merits, so use these criteria to decide on the perfect style of fence for your yard.

For lowest fences with the least privacy use the lattice or picket style.

The gaps between the twigs are the biggest, so there is more light transmitted through these, and also the potential for animals such as rabbits to move through unimpeded.

These are used extensively around vegetable gardens for pet control, beauty and vine support. These use the smaller sized twigs and branches to construct, so they’re the most economical use of materials. The styles you can build are lattice (diagonally crossing twigs), picket (widely spaced vertical twigs) or palisade (closely spaced vertical twigs).

For taller fences with less light and more privacy, use the wattle or hurdle type fences.

These are usually made as panels and attached to fairly sturdy fence posts dug into the ground, so are particularly animal proof.

Wind can be an issue if you’re in a windy area, as these are pretty much solid and can create a sail.

These also require a massive amount of long slender growth and also the purchase of treated fence posts, or metal fence posts.

Chilcotin Russel Fence

Open yet extremely large animal proof, the Russel fence and zig zag fence have been used in isolated areas for cattle control for many decades.

They've proved their worth in the ease of construction (a case of small jack pine poles in the first instance, and relatively small logs in the second) and lack of technical skills necessary.

These require a good supply of jack pine rails and poles, so are only convenient to use where jack pine grows in abundance.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect rustic garden fence design to fit your garden style, go to Rustic Twig Fences.

Garden Fence Designs Gallery

There are so many ways to build a fence.  Here are some ideas - take them and run with it to make  your very own unique design;

Beach FenceBeach Fence made of driftwood on the dunes to stop the sand from drifting in the wind
Snow or sand fencingSnow or sand fencing stabilizes the sand to stop it from drifting - this type is made with lath, and can be rolled up when it's not needed
Birds perching on a fenceConvenient perches for the birds on this wire and lath fence
Post and rail fencePost and rail fence made from local materials harvested when the land was cleared for farming
Criss-cross locust fenceCriss-cross locust fence - also made from local materials - wood from locust trees lasts a long time, even when buried
Palisade fence, supported by a metal fence behind itPalisade fence, supported by a metal fence behind it - not only disguising it, but supporting it too. Any kind of wood can be used for this, as it doesn't support anything
Palisade Ski FencePalisade Ski Fence made from worn out skis - make use of everything!
Cedar Slab Fence with Willow Accent
Weathered Willow Hurdle FenceWeathered willow hurdle fence - made in sections that can be wired together, either willow or hazel twigs and branches last for years, with care
Classic Willow Wattle FenceClassic willow wattle fence, woven on sharpened pointed sticks will deter animals from leaning on the fence to get into the garden

All good fences need some way of getting from one side to the other - here are a couple of ideas for gates;

Rustic GateRustic Gate made of small poles or branches
Twig Gate

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