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Forest Furniture Lake Tahoe

by Julianne Kohn
(South Lake Tahoe, Ca USA)

Bear Paw Lampbase

Bear Paw Lampbase

Bear Paw Lampbase
Carved Candle Holders
Pine Cone Owl
Skis re-imagined

Julianne and Marianne of Forest Furniture create unique, rustic furniture and cabin accessories using found wood, recycled skis, and a recipe for Faux boulder.

Pine cone owls, Bear face candle holders, and Bear paw lamps are also featured on their website Forest Furniture

Both Marianne and Julianne were featured on the fun tv show, That's Clever on the DIY network.

They enjoy doing outdoor artisan fairs in the summer in Lake Tahoe.

Learn how to build your own twiggy furniture for a rustic garden:

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all images and text on this site are copyrighted
All images and text on this site are copyrighted