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Rustic Christmas Angel

Your Prim Holiday Decor

My stash of old bits of spindles, turned pieces and rusty scrap is all coming in handy for my one of a kind Rustic Christmas Angels.  Nothing says 'primitive' more than a collection of the most Christmassy motifs of all; angels.

Rustic Christmas Angel

Browsing through offcuts from other projects, bits of rusty metal from my Junking in July road trip, and other scraps that never found a home and ended up in the 'project resource' pile gives me enough to start with.

Fortunately, I never throw anything out - even if it has bad memories, like the time I assumed that my instructions were clear. 

Enough time has gone by that I can let it go, and use the damaged pieces to advantage in a project.

Part of a spindle left from another project

A while ago I messed with the method of making some faux tin ceiling tiles. What a good way to make the wings! And I also discovered that you can paint the aluminum so they're shabby white.

Rustic Christmas Angel

The combination of the pieces is now assembled, with only a few revisions.

I think it's one of those cases where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.  What do you think?  Success, or Epic Fail?

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