Never Assume

That Your Helper Understands Your Instructions - Clear Communication is Key

If you're lucky enough to have a helper to assist you in bringing your rustic art projects to fruition, treat them well.

Never Assume - it makes an 'Ass' out of 'U' and 'Me'

Be sure to explain your thoughts fully, and make sure they comprehend exactly what you envision.  Otherwise, this is what you'll get;

Oops - this is the resultt of miscommunication

Just being absolutely clear in your instructions will prevent the kind of ooops that you see above.  The plan was to cut off only one end of the baluster, so the legs could be easily used on a potting bench. 

Somehow, the artisan (me) missed the all important instruction to only cut off one end of each baluster, not both.  My bad.

The lack of communication is entirely my fault.  The vision in my head is so clear, and the steps seem obvious to me, that I neglected to explain everything in terms that someone else coming to it cold would understand.

In fact, a few pictures would have helped.  Even rough sketches can get the picture across.  I've learned to do this, and query if the helper understands the assignment.

Fixing the mistake...

So after the cursing and apologizing was over, the poor helper spent an hour gluing the cut off pieces back on, with dowels to hold them firmly in place. 

It remains to be seen if this will be an acceptable fix. 

Good thing all my projects are rustic!

A picture is worth a thousand words...

This project was scribbled up on a blank sheet, but it's missing some crucial information.  The fact that the legs were cut incorrectly was not the helpers fault at all, but the lack of clear instructions on my part.

To avoid any similar mishaps, I now discuss my projects beforehand, and get the helpers input - he is, after all, a competent and experienced carpenter. 

His hacks and fixes have saved my bacon on several occasions, so trusting his judgement, although hard, is essential to successful projects.

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