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Vintage Halloween Decorations

Add Age and Antique to Your Spooky Decor

Seeing how Halloween is a recent invention (barring the pagan view on it as a sacred holiday) you'll have to make your own aged and weathered decor for Halloween.

Vintage Halloween Decorations

Some of the shapes associated with the holiday are pumpkins, spiders and their webs, scarecrows, leaves, bats and witches - including brooms, their pointy hats and black cats, usually humped and hissing.

These motifs are all over the place in this season - especially to be found on porches across the globe.

Many of these shapes can be cut out of weathered barnboard, formed from barbed wire or other wire, or made from recycled or found objects.

Will you be decorating your porch and yard for Halloween?  Do you go hog wild, or maintain some decorum?

Find more Halloween ideas on my Pinterest board;

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all images and text on this site are copyrighted
All images and text on this site are copyrighted