How to Make a Rustic Scarecrow

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An Autumn (or anytime) Tradition for your garden

The original scarecrows were probably made on the fly by an angry farmer - I can just see him peeling off all his gear to make something to keep the crows from his corn or other crops.

With what the farmer had in his pockets, and a few scraps and twigs, he could make a sentinel to stand guard over the field.


Making your own scarecrow is just as simple.

A few basic supplies, a long twig, a pillow case or old t-shirt, a plaid shirt and ragged pair of jeans, a couple of mis-matched work gloves, and a pair of boots and a straw hat, and you too can make a scarecrow in the same tradition.

Farmers didn't have access to the thrift store, but this is a great place to find just the right accessory for your scarecrows attire.

Nowadays, we make scarecrows just for fun, as a Halloween decoration. Enjoy making your scarecrow, and make sure you add a picture to the gallery below:

Start with a long stick...Start with a long twig, and remove any smaller ones
this shows the attachment of the armTie wire holds the twigs for the arms in place on the longer twig
raid the closet or rag bin..Raid the closet or the rag bin for some old ragged clothing
wiring the pieces together A piece of longer wire will hold the pants on, and also the boots
paint a scarecrow face on an old t-shirtA face painted on the old t-shirt can be a few simple shapes - the crows won't know the difference
The finished Rustic ScarecroThe finished Rustic Scarecrow, waiting for some crows

Are you motivated and inspired yet? If not, check out some of these great ideas below: (don't forget to add yours!)

Are you going to make a Scarecrow?

We'd love to see it!

Other Scarecrow Pictures...

Check through these great Scarecrow pictures to find some inspiration:

Red Lady Scarecrow 
This 'Lady' could be a lady of the night, or a madam, perhaps. If you were a crow, (or a cowboy) you'd be wise to steer clear. Set this one on a …

Sleeping Son of a Gun Scarecrow 
This guy looks like he's sleeping on guard duty; I wonder how good he will be at keeping the crows away with this kind of slacking off. Luckily, he's …

Scarecrow Willow Art 
Someone was really innovative with the native willows making this pair; one thing about willow is that it's very flexible, so creating the forms of these …

Gypsy Scarecrow 
Let me read your fortune - I can tell by the lines on your palm that you'll be able to chase the crows away! This lovely lady could charm the britches …

Scary Scarecrow 
If I was a crow, this guy would definitely scare me away - look at those legs! It's hard to decide which direction he'll leap first, so beware, crows …

Evil Scarecrow 
This was one of the entries at the Tatla Lake Scarecrow competition; many smaller towns and villages have these kinds of annual events in the fall. Perfect …

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