Grubby Candles

Dollar Store Cheap, Rustic Beautiful

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I love candles, and the warm glow they give off - even without a power failure.  This is a way to give some plain old dollar store emergency candles a beauty treatment.

Grubby Candles

The candles are amazingly cheap - keep in mind that these may not burn as cleanly as ones made from bayberries or beeswax, but the addition of a few easy to find ingredients makes them old fashioned and beautiful in their own right.

Mod Podge is my favorite kind of glue for these kinds of projects.  Don't get too carried away with the thickness of it, use a brush to apply it fairly thinly.  The reason for this is that it will slough off the wax, taking the coat of grubbiness with it.

The grubbiness is simply a mixture of dried (used) coffee grounds, cinnamon and any other kind of spice you like - allspice, pumpkin pie seasoning or any other that is dark in color.

Grubby Candle supplies

Take the plastic wrappers off the candles, if they have them.

Dip your brush into the Mod Podge or other white glue, and spread it onto the candle, avoiding the top and bottom - the top part will be where it's lit, so it won't need the grubbiness on it, and the bottom will be inserted into the candle holder.

This is what happens if the glue is too thick

Sprinkle the dry grubbiness onto the glue, then stand the candles upright in a stand. 

I've used old bolts and other rusty metal bits, but use what you have. 

A second coat might be needed if it's too thin, or a coat of just glue to finish it off and seal it so the grubbiness doesn't come off.

Second coat of Mod Podge

I've got a hoard of old gears, cogs and other rusty metal bits.  They make perfect candle holders!  Sometimes the hole is just a tiny bit small, so I shaved off the bottom of the candle all the way around to make it fit.

This is what you'll need for this project - get them now from Amazon.

My favorite kind of glue is Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish (16-Ounce), CS11302 Matte Finish which works perfectly for this kind of project.

Kirkland Saigon Cinnamon 10.7 Oz Bottles( Pack of 2) - 21.4 Oz Total or other spices that work well can be substituted. Save your coffee grounds to mix with it for more texture (and smell!)

Emergency Candles come in all sizes - I like the taller ones, but the pillars or shorter kind work just as well. Get a variety, for different heights in your display.

Enjoy the lovely seasonal scent of cinnamon!

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