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9 Winter Projects

Cozy Up With These Crafts

Imagine; sitting by the woodstove, wrapped in a warm afghan blanket, sipping cocoa or tea made on the woodstove, snow falling that cozy or what?

9 Winter Projects

But it's not all relaxing and enjoying - sometimes, you just get the urge to do something.  Here are some projects that might fit the bill, even with cold and snow outside and raging storms. 

Fill up the kerosene lantern in case the power goes out, and settle in for a few winter craft sessions.

Stocked up on supplies? 

Great, you'll need a few things to get going on these. 

First, I recommend that you always have a few candles on hand - I like the bigger pillar candles, but if all you have is some emergency candles from the hardware store, that's fine too.

A draft coming under the door can rob the house of a lot of heat; make a doormouse to stop that, and keep out the drafts.  Heavy curtains for the door can make all the difference on a cold night too.

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