Clothespin Dolls

by Amalie

Clothespins waiting to be painted

Clothespins waiting to be painted

I use the old fashioned type of clothespins to make into decorative dolls. You can paint a little face on the top, and then use a length of pipe cleaner for the arms.

A little piece of fabric can form a dress, and no self respecting clothespin doll would be seen without an apron. A little bit of embroidery floss, yarn or fleece will make hair, and you can make a tiny basket, bundle for a baby or any other farm or hillbilly type of accent.

I use these as Christmas tree ornaments, or to decorate a gift wrapped in dish towels, fabric or other useful recycleable wrapping.

All the items you need are available at dollar stores; I guess they know what we like to make!

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Clothes Pins
by: Jacki

Hi Amalie,
I imagine that you're using the rounded end clothespins that are all one piece for these? I've made them too - lots of fun. As a kid, I made a whole family, and then displayed them on a piece of thick string. There was a Mum, Dad, couple of kids, a baby and Granma. Very cute. You've inspired me to make more!

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