Cold Porcelain Acrylic Painting

Tips For Coloring Your Craft

So you've had the fun experience of making the cold porcelain into a piece of art, but it's dull and uninteresting, and you would like more definition.

Cold Porcelain Acrylic Painting

So paint it, with acrylic craft paints!  You can make any color you desire, with the basic five; black, white, red, blue and yellow. 

Don't believe it?  Look on the color page.

If you prefer the paler colors, build it right into the cold porcelain itself, before you roll it out or build your project. 

Do small amounts first, to see if you like it, for example, take a piece of the cold porcelain about the size of a walnut. 

Add a few drops of red acrylic paint, and mix well into the cold porcelain paste, before  you begin the molding process. If this makes the mix too wet, add more cornstarch until it's pliable and soft, but not too soggy.

This will give you enough of the recipe to make a pink rose, or several tiny dolls or fairy babies.

To paint on top, as a sealing layer, use diluted acrylic craft paint.  It's best to use several thin layers, than one thick one.

A small paintbrush works, or you can dip the entire item into the diluted paint, giving it more variation (which is, naturally, how they appear in real life).

Allow the piece to dry thoroughly - if it has a lot of crevices and spaces in the petals, in the case of a flower, the paint will take longer to dry.

As the cold porcelain is starch based, use a clear acrylic top coat such as Varathane Diamond Coat to completely seal your project and prevent insect damage. 

Put the finished art work in a cloche, with a packet of silica gel (those little capsules in vitamin bottles to prevent them from getting damp).

This keeps it safe from dust and accidental damage, ensuring your beautiful creation is protected for a long time to come.

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